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Bob Proctor – President

Bob Proctor was born in Brazil, Indiana and has been living in Indianapolis for over 50 years and attended Broad Ripple High School. Since starting a family nearly 40 years ago, Bob has been managing construction projects across Indiana and surrounding states. Professionally, he champions the use of reusable materials and developing techniques to increase the energy efficiency of buildings. Bob is passionate about history and includes the historic renovation of many Broad Ripple Village buildings as some of his favorite and most rewarding projects.

When he’s not fulfilling his role as President of Maple Road, Bob is a die-hard Butler Bulldogs basketball fan and enjoys spending time with his four grandchildren.

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Joe Wallace – Vice President

Joe Wallace was born and raised in Indianapolis and has been living there his whole life. Before his time at Maple Road Construction, Joe worked for other general contractors in the area and sold wholesale building materials. As Vice President of Maple Road, a job he’s held for the last seven years, Joe is responsible for marketing, sales, estimates, field management, and providing expert knowledge of building systems. Joe has two sons that work for Maple Road that handle its finances, IT, and project management. Joe’s favorite projects include the College Park Pyramids on 86th and Michigan Road and every new second story addition.

When he’s not fulfilling his role as Vice President of Maple Road, Joe enjoys keeping up his yard and spending time with his wife, sons, and granddaughter.

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